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Embark on a fragrant journey through Europe and the Mediterranean where timeless, classic scents mingle with modernity.

   Heritage Collection
Black Absinthe
Black Absinthe Eau de Cologne (100mL)
Herbaceous. Smooth. Sensual.
Be inspired by a rush of rejuvenating herbaceous notes, absinthe, artemisia and fennel flower, and celebrate absinthe’s apothecary roots. Underneath these lively wild herbs, the smooth tones of black liquorice and peppery vetiver add a lasting sensuality.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00
Sevillian Neroli Eau de Cologne (100mL)
Luminous. Refined. Scintillating.
When Arabian traders settled in Seville they planted bitter orange trees to create perfumed gardens. Today the ancient trees continue to line the streets and courtyards, providing the scented signature of Seville. In the refined scent of Sevillian Neroli, the aroma of Spanish neroli sparkles with notes of grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and white tea, blended with cedarwood and clove.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00
Hungary Water Eau de Cologne (100mL)
Rejuvenating. Uplifting. Charming.
In the 14th Century, tales were told of a unique scented tonic, presented to Budapest’s royalty along with the promise of eternal youth. With strange coincidence they became famed for their youthfulness and beauty, allegedly bestowed by the tonic’s rejuvenating scent. Hungary Water continues the legacy, taking influence from the original Crabtree & Evelyn® rosemary recipe and blending with uplifting notes of pink pepper, spearmint, cypress and geranium.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00
Old Windsor
Old Windsor Eau de Cologne (100mL)
Luxurious. Exhilarating. Cool.
Set upon the river and surrounded by ancient oak forests, the village of Old Windsor was once the domain of kings and queens. Today this area of natural beauty continues to be a much-loved place for traditional English pursuits. Old Windsor Eau de Cologne exudes English refinement and luxury through notes of bergamot, bitter orange and verbena blended with English lavender and sandalwood.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00
Neapolitan Bergamot Eau de Cologne (100mL)
Radiant. Distinctive. Embracing.
Bergamot is famous for lending its zesty signature to the very first eau de cologne, inspired by the scented impression of an Italian morning. With the same innovative and romantic spirit, Neapolitan Bergamot is an aromatic rendering of time spent exploring the Mediterranean coast. The classic aroma of Italian bergamot and lemon articulate the rising sun over the bay, while the modern accords of ginger, lavender and thyme are reminiscent of the embracing scent of the coastal breeze.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00