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Discover this RELAXING and enveloping
fragrance, blending lavender’s aromatic
notes with delicate SOOTHING peony and
tiny white elderflowers, prized for their skin
NURTURING benefits.

Lavender Eau De Toilette
Lavender Eau De Toilette (30ml, 100ml)
This classic bloom has been blended with violet leaf, jasmine, exotic tonka bean, soft musk, and lemon leaf notes for a delicate, refreshing fragrance experience.
Retail Price: S$38.00 (30ml), S$ 75.00 (100ml)
Lavender Bath & Shower Gel
Lavender Bath & Shower Gel (250ml)
Extracts of Peony, White Magnolia, and Elder Flower, lavender oil and glycerine combine to leave skin cleansed, conditioned and wonderfully scented. Free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and mineral oil.
Retail Price: S$ 35.00
Lavender Body Cream
Lavender Body Cream (200g)
This conditioning body cream glides on easily, leaving skin velvety soft and beautifully scented. A rich blend of Shea Butter along with Rose Hip, Evening Primrose - both rich in essential fatty acids - Grape Seed, Jojoba, Wheat Germ Oils moisturise dry skin.
Retail Price: S$ 68.00
Lavender Body Lotion
Lavender Body Lotion (245ml)
This rich, conditioning body lotion, with lavender oil and extracts of Peony, White Magnolia, and Elder Flower, absorbs easily and leaves skin silky soft and wonderfully scented. Rose Hip and Evening Primrose Oils, both rich in essential fatty acids, are blended with Shea Butter and Coconut oil to moisturise dry skin.
Retail Price: S$ 40.00
Lavender Triple Milled Soap
Lavender Triple Milled Soap (3x 85g)
Enriched with a moisturising blend of lavender oil, glycerine, Rose Moschata Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Wheat Germ oil, these fragrant triple milled soaps sumptuously soften and lightly scent the skin.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
Hand Therapy
Lavender Hand Therapy (25g, 100g, 250g)
Our shea butter-rich hand cream is blended with conditioning macadamia nut oil and lavender oil to moisturise and soothe hands, along with myrrh to help condition cuticles and nails.
Retail Price: S$13.00 (25g), S$33.00 (100g), S$65.00 (250g)
Hand Wash
Lavender Conditioning Hand Wash (250ml)
A delicious way to enjoy the classic scent of Lavender every day. Embrace the scent of fresh lavender enhanced with violet, tonka bean, lemon leaf and soft musk.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
Lavender Diffuser
Lavender Fragrance Reed Diffuser (200ml)
This elegantly shaped reed diffuser scents living spaces with the refreshing fragrance of Lavender.
Retail Price: S$ 88.00
Lavender Home Fragrance Spray Lavender Home Fragrance Spray (100ml)
Bring the outdoors inside and transform your room into a garden in full bloom with the beautiful fragrance of Lavender.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
Lavender Linen Mist
Lavender Linen Mist (300ml)
Mist lightly to infuse the lovely fresh scent of lavender into linens, pillows, towels and clothing. Alternatively, spray on linens prior to ironing.
Retail Price: S$ 28.00
Lavender Scented Drawer Lining Papers
Lavender Scented Drawer Lining Papers (6 sheets)
Lightly scent your clothing using these decorative drawer liners - generously sized papers scented with an aromatic bouquet of Lavender.
Retail Price: S$ 45.00

Exclusively available at Takashimaya S.C.,
Ngee Ann City #B1-36/36A &
Paragon #B1-26
For our entire Lavender range, please visit our stores.