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Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a POWERFUL emollient that mimics the natural oils produced by the body, keeping skin feeling hydrated, soft, and supple. A superb NATURAL moisturiser, especially suitable for dry skin.
Jojoba Oil

 Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Wash (250ml)
Our mild pH-balanced foaming body wash is formulated with natural golden jojoba oil to moisturise and condition your skin in the shower or bath. Use as daily one-step routine for cleansing and moisturising.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00

Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Lotion (250ml)
Daily nurturing moisture for your skin formulated with golden jojoba oil and moisturising glycerine, oat kernel oil, vitamin E and panthenol. This sheer, light formula absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling soft.
Retail Price: S$ 35.00

Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Cream (200g)
For extra conditioning after a shower or bath, our rich body cream formula contains golden jojoba oil, glycerine, vitamin A and antioxidant Vitamin E for extraordinary skin and body care.
Retail Price: S$ 60.00

Jojoba Oil Conditioning Bath & Massage Oil (200ml)
Our blend of natural oils - sweet almond, grapeseed, sesame and jojoba - is ideal for a relaxing massage. It also disperses completely in warm water for a skin-conditioning bath that leaves you feeling smooth and soft all over.
Retail Price: S$ 45.00

Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Soap with Shea Butter (3 x 100g)
Our creamy vegetable-based soap with natural golden jojoba oil and a special blend of moisturising ingredients is ever so gentle on your skin.
Retail Price: S$ 28.00 (3 x 100g)

Jojoba Oil Mineral Bath Grains (200g)
Luxurious bath soak with restorative mineral salts and the finest golden jojoba oil that conditions and softens your skin while you bathe.
Retail Price: S$ 48.00

Jojoba Oil Conditioning Hand Wash (250ml)
Convenient soap-free gel that is pH balanced for gentle cleansing and leaves hands feeling refreshed with a brisk herbal scent.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
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