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Verbena and Lavender de Provence
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Olive & Basil
Citron, Honey & Coriander
Argan & Grapeseed
Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage
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Jojoba Oil

Comforting, CONDITIONING and
moisturising. Specially designed to care for
devitalised skin in need of a pick-me-up.
Nutritious and luxurious Pomegranate oil and Grapeseed extract help REPLENISH the skin’s moisture, while Argan oil gently RESTORES.


Bath & Shower Ge Pomegranate Skin Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel (250mL)
Formulated with a gentle surfactant derived from argan, this rich-lathering bath & shower gel gently cleanses and softens the skin. The conditioning blend of antioxidant-rich pomegranate and grapeseed extracts, together with nourishing argan and glycerin helps replenish the skin.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
Body Bar Pomegranate Replenishing Body Bar (3 x 140g)
A box of 3 oversized body bars containing creamy shea butter to replenish moisture, and fragranced with the tart sweetness of pomegranate, a burst of citrus and fresh fig leaf, will leave skin clean and fragrant.

Retail Price: S$ 38.00
Body Scrub Pomegranate Skin Smoothing Body Scrub (175g)
Achieve more beautiful skin with this total body smoothing treatment - sunflower wax beads gently exfoliate, while pomegranate, sunflower, jojoba, pumpkin and sesame oils work to replenish and soften skin, and grapeseed-extract helps protect skin. Contains both pomegranate oil and extract, and argan oil.
Retail Price: S$ 45.00
Body Lotion Pomegranate Skin Quenching Body Lotion (250mL)
Rich and revitalising, yet easily absorbed, the body lotion contains ginger extract to help protect your skin while the blend of pomegranate, argan, sesame, grapeseed and almond oils will nourish and condition.
Retail Price: S$ 35
Body Cream Pomegranate Skin Indulging Body Cream (225g)
Shea butter combines with pistachio, almond, grapeseed and argan oils to make a luxurious cream which melts easily into your skin for a smooth, supple and radiant finish.
Retail Price: S$ 60.00
Body Mist Pomegranate Refreshing Body Mist (100mL)
Revitalise with the rich, zesty scents of this Body mist. The distinctive fragrance found in the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Collection blends the tart sweetness of Pomegranate combined with a burst of zesty citrus, clementine blossom and fresh fig leaf, leaving your skin beautifully scented, refreshed and revitalized.
Retail Price: S$30.00
primer Pomegranate Hand Primer (30mL)
The Pomegranate, Argan& Grapeseed Hand Primer gently preserves your hands’ beauty from the visible effects of urban and environmental impurities. Enriched with probiotics and 5 powerful extracts including Bilberry, Orange, Lemon, Sugar Maple and Sugar Cane, our concentrated serum forms a breathable shield that prevents damaging pollutants from adhering to the skin. Hands are protected, nourished and left scented with the luscious blend of Pomegranate, Citrus and Fig.
Retail Price: S$38.00
Hand Therapy Pomegranate Hand Therapy (25g, 100g, 250g)
Our shea butter-rich hand cream, blended with macadamia nut, pomegranate, grapeseed, and argan oils, moisturises and smoothes dry skin and leaves your hands feeling incredibly soft.
Retail Price: S$13.00 (25g), S$33.00 (100g), S$65.00 (250g)
OHT PomeganateOvernight Hand Therapy(75g)
Nighttime is when the skin can finally focus on recovering from the day’s stress. Our specially formulated Pomegranate, Argan& Grapeseed Overnight Hand Therapy is formulated with a concentrated complex of vitamins and amino acids to enhance the skin’s barrier, maintain skin’s natural moisture, and soothe dryness. Treat your hands to an intensive “beauty sleep” treatment along with the spirit-boosting fragrance of luscious Pomegranate, Citrus and Fig, and waken to smooth, soft, nourished and beautifully scented skin!
Retail Price: S$38.00
Hand Wash Pomegranate Conditioning Hand Wash (250mL)
Enjoy the tartly sweet scent of pomegranate coupled with a burst of citrus and fresh fig leaf. This hand wash contains extracts of pomegranate and grape seed to help leave skin soft and conditioned.
Retail Price: S$ 30.00
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