Tea Pairings


Crabtree & Evelyn® teas and infusions are meticulously selected and created for us by experts who have been blending teas for over 80 years. To achieve a better flavour, our teas have recently been upgraded to individually-tagged large leaf pyramid bags. Each tea collection is housed in a circular gift drum and includes 15 large leaf pyramid teabags. 

#Black Tea
Earl Grey
Earl Grey Tea (15 Sachets)new
A distinctive tea, heightened with the delicate flavour of bergamot.
Retail Price: S$15.00
English Breakfast
English Breakfast Tea (15 Sachets)new
A full bodied, malty and robust blend of tea.
Retail Price: S$15.00
Spiced Chai
Spiced Chai Tea (15 Sachets) new
A full bodied tea blended with exotic spices.
Retail Price: S$15.00
#Green Teas
Green Mango
Green Mango & Bergamot Tea (15 Sachets) new
A delicate green tea with a delicious mango flavour and a hint of bergamot.
Retail Price: S$15.00
Mint Green
Green Mint Tea (15 Sachets)new
A delicate green tea blended with fresh spearmint and mint.
Retail Price: S$15.00
#Herbal And Fruit Teas
Green Rooibos
Green Rooibos, Peach & Cherry Tea (15 Sachets)new
Naturally caffeine-free, the mild flavour of rooibos is complemented by juicy peach and cherry. Although it is more complicated to produce, green rooibos is chosen over red as it offers a more delicate tea flavour.
Retail Price: S$15.00
Peppermint & Liquorice Tea (15 Sachets)new
A refreshing blend of peppermint with rich, sweet liquorice.
Retail Price: S$15.00
Pure Camomile Tea (15 Sachets)new
A naturally caffeine-free, delicate and soothing tea.
Retail Price: S$15.00
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