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Uncover the delightful artistry and fragrance of nature’s prettiest flowers, with precious scents that cherish and sweeten the senses. The NEW Limited Edition Heritage Body Care Collection comprises of Florentine Freesia, Old World Jasmine and Venetian Violet. Each range is composed with a fresh and uplifting twist of floral extracts, an invitation to rediscover the bouquet of these favoured English
Garden Classics.

Featured in this collection is our new botanical Trio Oil Blend — a carefully crafted combination of 100% pure natural oils known for their strong efficacy in skin care. The blend contains Moringa, Rosehip and Evening Primrose Oil.

The newest skin-care hero, Moringa oil, works to revive rough skin, provide long lasting hydration and has been shown to have double the moisturising ability of Shea Butter. We’ve also added Rosehip Oil, which is rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3 and 6 and is truly nourishing. The final addition to the trio is the gentle and ultra-calming Evening Primrose Oil. Containing Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil supports the skin barrier and helps protect against the harsh effects of the environment.

Florentine Freesia
Luxuriate in the dew freshened essences of Freesia, blended with Muguet and Pear. The heritage of Freesia, a member of the Iris family, can be traced to Italy. Freesia’s uplifting fragrance, described as a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms, perfectly interprets the dewy aromas of famous Florentine gardens.
Venetian Violet
A classic elegant scent of violet with a modern fruity twist. Indulge in the vanilla soft essences of Violet, mingled with Lychee and Peach. From the hundreds of varieties found in the Mediterranean, the scent of Italian violet was the first to charm the Crabtree & Evelyn® fragrance explorers. In the historic, floating city of Venice, this graceful flower is as enduring as the opulent architecture. Violet decorates the bridges reaching over the canals and resides in paintings and poetry as a symbol of purity and modesty.

Old World Jasmine
Be enamoured again with the beautifully intense aroma of this classic flower that remains ever fashionable. Luxuriate in the classical, porcelain white essences of Jasmine, entwined with Gardenia and Cyclamen that provide a floral quality that's fresh, green and very feminine.
The Heritage Body Care Collection is available in:
Bath & Shower Gel 300mL | S$35.00
Body Lotion 300mL | S$40.00
Hand Therapy 25g, 100g | S$13.00, S$33.00